Acura NSX GT3 Racecar

Acura NSX Rumor Mill Hints At Rear-Drive, Non-Hybrid Type R Variant

The Type R badge is Honda's ultimate badge of honor, symbolic of pure performance. Exciting rumors have the famed moniker appearing on the NSX. Read up and decide for yourself if a lightweight NSX will be a reality. Read More


Amazing Time-Defying 1971 Datsun 510 Up For Auction

It's good to know time capsule cars like this 510 are still out there. This is one of the nicest we've seen, but if we were lucky enough to be high bidder our next move would be a set of old school SSR mesh wheels. Read More


DEI Introduces Protective Split Sleeve

New from DEI – Protective Split Sleeve. This material provides a clean, classy appearance while protecting wires, cables, and hoses. Check it out! Read More


Video: Shredding The Speedway And More With Ryan Tuerck

Formula D competitor and New Hampshire native Ryan Tuerck showed excitement for his opportunity to be the first to tear up the iconic NASCAR speedway. Click here to see how it all turned out and who joined in, too. Read More


Video: Best In Show With Charles Warland’s ’75 Datsun Z

A certified neck breaker from down under, Charles Warland has created a masterpiece with his 1975 Datsun 260Z. Click here to see what has everyone swarming towards this reimagined classic with questions and awe. Read More


Video: Having Your Mom Try Drifting In A Ford Focus RS

Testing the new Ford Focus RS drift mode, Alex Goy wanted to put it to the limit. Volunteering his mother, click here to check out her attempt at drifting on a closed course. We don't want to spoil it all for you. Read More


Volkswagen Owes Millions To California For Emissions Fiasco

Already in a huge hole, Volkswagen is going to need some deep pockets to pull through this one. Click here to check out how California penalized the German automaker for their "defeat devices" used on their cars. Read More


Jeff Kiesel’s 10-Time SCCA Solo Champ Bugeye Sprite On The Dyno

Jeff Kiesel has collected 10 consecutive SCCA Solo championships in his rotary-powered Austin Healy Bugeye Sprite. We catch up with the man and his machine. Read More


This 1987 Acura Integra Time Capsule Has Just 20,738 Miles

The first gen Acura Integra was an immediate success in America, and this particular low-mileage example looks like it just left the showroom floor. Read More


The Daring Sleeper That Is A V10-Swapped VW Golf

Experiencing a serious transformation, this Audi-swapped fourth-generation Volkswagen Golf isn't playing around. Read More


Video: Nimble, Quick GT-R Drone Takes On The 2017 GT-R

Two engineering beasts pitted head-to-head, Nissan has unveiled the GT-R drone. Click here to see the drone take on the 2017 Nissan GT-R at Silverstone. You won't be disappointed with what takes place. Read More


Video: Witness The First Start For This FR-S Packing Endless Power

Surprising the competition, this engine swap isn't your typical build. Custom from inside and out, click here to check out this reimagined Scion FR-S that breaks new barriers in every way possible. Read More


Video: F1 Racers Alonso, Vandoorne Thrash New 2017 NSX At Estoril

Whet your appetite for supercar hotness with this well-produced clip of the 2017 Acura NSX in action at Portugal's famed Estoril race track. Read More


Japanese Design + Italian Heart And Soul: 2017 Fiat 124 Spider

We head down to Carlsbad, California to put the Fiat 124 Spider through its paces. Although it shares a platform with the current Mazda MX-5, the Fiat brings its own sense of occasion to the table. Read More


Heatshield Products Releases Thermaflect Sleeve

New from Heatshield Products – Thermaflect Sleeve. This material takes the edge off of ambient heat to better protect your cables, wiring, fluid lines, and intake tubes. Check it out! Read More


Video: Tsuchiya’s Flying Footwork in the AE86 N2!

With a pedal cam documenting the Drift King's footwork, we see how he controls a twitchy, race-spec AE86 Corolla with high-speed drifts. Read More


Quick Hit: Shedding Some Light On Anzo USA

For hundreds of vehicles, Anzo USA has top-shelf replacement and stylistic options to light up the night. See what the company has been up to with recent developments in truck, SUV, and import applications. Read More


Video: Time Attack S15 Rocks Skyline Power

With an RB25 making near 500 whp, reduced weight, and the brakes and differential from a GT-R, this potent S15 shows how much potential this platform has. Read More


Video: Pike’s Peak Escudo Shreds Tires with Ease

With incredible poise and power, this stunning Pike's Peak racer, clad in Escudo bodywork, helps demonstrate why Monster Tajima has won the event 9 times. Read More

EJ25 Semi-Closed Deck Block

Supporting Your Cylinders – Open, Semi-Closed, Or Closed Deck?

You've more than likely heard the terms open, semi-closed, and closed deck before. But, do you know how to identify what design you have, the advantages of each design, and what works best for your application? Read More