Video: Onboard Litchfield’s Terrifying R35 GT-R

Nissan's latest GT-R gets a bad rep as a lifeless automaton, but Litchfield has sought to change that perception with edgy handling and over 1,000 horses. Read More


This Jaw Dropping Lexus-V8-Powered 1968 Toyota Corona Could Be Yours

This crazy custom 1968 Toyota Corona is part modified dirt tracker, part prototype dream machine, and all amazing. Craziest of all, it is being auctioned, so get a bid card and be ready to pounce. Read More


Liberty Walk Raising The Bar With New Exotic Aero Kit

With a style that they have honed as their own, Liberty Walk continues to push the status quo with aero body kits. Check out their latest creation, which is set to be released next month. You won't be disappointed. Read More

2015 Yaris WRC Test

Video: 2017 WRC Toyota Yaris Spotted In Spain

The 2017 WRC Yaris was spotted in Spain, sporting more aggressive body lines than older versions and looks closer to meeting the new 2017 regulations. Read More


Laying Eyes On A Clean, Tastefully Modded Scion FR-S

Sure they may be discontinued, but that shouldn't discourage us from the Scion FR-S potential that seems difficult to tap into. Inside and out, this FR-S boasts clean, simply class that's hard to beat. Check it out. Read More


Tanner Foust Doubles Pleasure In Phoenix Global Rallycross Opener

Tanner Foust and the Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Beetle laid down the law Old West Gunslinger style, winning both races at the Red Bull Global Rallycross season opening doubleheader in Phoenix, Arizona. Read More


Spotlight JDM: 2016 Advan All Fairlady Z Meet at Fuji Speedway

Join us for a look at Japan's biggest annual Fairlady Z meet, where we showcase a few of the coolest built cars on this side of the International Date Line. Read More

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.15.35 PM copy

Video: FAST LSX Interchangeable Runner Dyno Testing

FAST is changing the game for LSX intake manifolds with interchangeable runners. Now you can tune your powerband with 3 lengths of runner, or mix and match! Read More


Video: Drifting, Flame-Spitting R32 GT-R Dominates Bathurst

The Skyline GT-R's dominance of Australian Group A racing eventually had it banned from the category. Watch and revel in Godzilla's otherworldy performance. Read More

KN Filters Infiniti Nissan

K&N Debuts BlackHawk Air Intake Kit For Infiniti G37, Nissan 370Z

Add a few more horsepower and a punch of torque to that Nissan 370Z or Infiniti G37 with the new K&N Blackhawk Induction Air Intake System. Read More


Video: Crazy FWD Starlet With Supra 2JZ-GTE Power

The 70 series Starlet was the first to suffer the indignity of front-wheel drive. So swapping in a Supra 2JZ will take some fortitude, some big blow torches, and some wheel flares made from Peterbilt fenders. Read More


Subaru Bolsters Its Rallycross Program, Developing All-New Rally Car

Subaru announces it will compete in eight Global Rallycross, events in 2016, is increasing its testing regime, and is developing an all new rallycross car for 2017. Read More


Video: Rallycross Nudge Becomes Unbelievable Overtake

Johan Kristoffersson's rallycross mastery showed in this awesome pass facilitated by a competitor's push, some improvisation and four wheel-drive traction! Read More


Video: Rotary Engine Tuning – Fueling And Ignition Tips

To give you a better idea of how a rotary engine is tuned, Scott Hilzinger from the Australian aftermarket ECU manufacturer Haltech has posted a video to their YouTube channel covering the basic fueling and ignition Read More


Video: “Project RX” Starts To Take Shape

Part two of the "Project RX" documentary about the Focus RS RX race car looks at how two teams separated by an ocean work together to build a race car. Read More


Sin Or Scintillating? What Button Does This FJ45 Hot Rod Push?

Talk about a love/hate relationship. All it takes is a glance and you're on one side or the other… there's no middle ground. Andre Allers' hot rodded classic Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser is as polarizing as they get. Read More


Nissan Buys 34% Of Mitsubishi, Gains Controlling Interest

Nissan has scooped up de facto control of Mitsubishi Motor Co. by buying a 34% stake in the distressed automaker, bringing Mitsu into the Nissan fold. Read More


Wells Vehicle Electronics Releases New Bluetooth-Enabled Scan Tool

Wells Vehicle Electronics is proud to release their new innovative automotive diagnostic solution that transforms Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets into an OBDII scan tool. Check it out here! Read More


Video: Focus RS RX Gets First Podium Finish After Just Two Races

With Ken Block at the wheel, the Ford Focus RS RX has earned its first podium finish after just two races. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. Read More


Video: Stunning Evo VIII Squirms on the Hillclimb

Without much aero grip, this tastefully-modified Evo VIII shows that an emphasis on mechanical grip is enough to go fast and look great on the hillclimb. Read More