Triple Pump FST Inside

Saving Your Engine From Fuel Starvation Using A Surge Tank

One of the best solutions to combat fuel pump cavitation and fuel starvation related failures is the addition of a fuel surge tank (FST) or "swirl pot".Read More

Brake MC Fittings

Video: Assembling A Tilton Master Cylinder Like A Pro

Tilton Engineering goes over how to properly assemble a master cylinder. Which will save you time, many headaches, and possibly even your life.Read More


Video: 2JZ-Swapped, 876-HP, MkIII Supra Monster

This MK3 Supra boasts a built 2JZ, a massive Borg Warner 366 turbocharger, 29 pounds of boost and the ability to roast tires with alarming ease.Read More

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Exploring Potential With AEM Electronics New Vehicle Dynamics Module

Collecting telemetry data of your car on the track can be a very useful tool in tuning the car and learning as a driver. AEM is making that technology more accessible.Read More


Video: The 2JZ-Powered Mustang that Could

Forget the purists, this combination of Ford Mustang and Toyota 2JZ work perfectly together, with a TH400 and a solid rear axle harnessing all that torque.Read More

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Video: Shmee Samples the World’s Fastest Drift GT-R

As one of YouTube's most popular auto journalists, Shmee gets invited to some wild events. This one puts him in the seat of a 1,390 horsepower, drift-spec GT-R!Read More


C&R Releases Radiators For 2003-06 Nissan 350Z & 2009-15 GT-R

New from C&R – radiators for the 2003-06 Nissan 350Z and 2009-15 R35 GT-R. These units are built for great cooling efficiency and install the same as factory units; no modifications necessary. Check 'em out!Read More


Spotlight JDM: Army Girl Tokyo’s Rauh Welt Begriff-Built Porsche 993

We meet up with the owner of Tokyo's high quality fashion brand, Army Girl, to take an inside look at his Rauh Welt Begriff-built Porsche 993.Read More

LSPI Cylinder Pressure

Video: How Lugging Will Destroy Your Engine

Every human behind the wheel of a vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine has experienced some form of engine lugging at one time or another.Read More

ATI Damper offset holeGR

Quick Tech: ATI Super Damper for the BRZ/FR-S/GT86

Some parts like a high performance damper / harmonic balancer don't directly make horsepower, but they are still critical supporting players.Read More

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Video: Scaring Mom in a Modded R35 GT-R

The Alpha 7 package for Nissan's GT-R has enough low-end grunt and response to rearrange one's internal organs, as this terrified mother quickly proves!Read More


LiveWires Offers A Shocking Revelation In Spark Plug Wire Selection

Spark plug wires can't make horsepower but they can prevent you from losing horsepower due to a weak spark. We found new pep for our straight six with a set. Read More

C4 Billy Boat 2

Video – Billy Boat Exhaust Systems Are Music to Gearhead Ears

If you love the baritone exhaust note of muscular performance cars, you'll dig these videos from Billy Boat. They've got a great new look for their website too. Enjoy!Read More


Taking The Long Way In The 2016 Audi TTS

A week with Audi's latest rendition of their front-engined performance coupe reveals upgrades, lineage, and some inherent pitfalls. Read More

Praga R1R Exhaust

Video: A New “Road Car” With An LMP-Like Driving Experience

Praga has debuted a limited production "road car" for the first time in 68 years. The R1R is an incredible beast that stands out amongst Group CN type cars.Read More


Video: Bisimoto’s 1,029 WHP Honda Odyssey Up For Grabs At Mecum

Say you'll never roll a minivan? Meet the exception to the rule. Up for grabs at Mecum Auctions, Lot T182 is a 1,029 WHP Honda Odyssey that Bisimoto Engineering built for Honda's SEMA Show booth. Read More

INFINITI four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline VC-T engine

New Infiniti Engine Boasts Variable Compression Ratio

Using a complex arrangement of levers, links and actuators, Infiniti has developed a turbo-4 with variable compression ratio. Check out the details here!Read More

Evo dyno rotator

Project Evo 4G63: Upgrading The Cold Side, Part 2

In Part 2 we cure our Project Evo of its fuel pump blues. After installing a Wagner Tuning staggered FMIC, Turbosmart BOV, and an ETS short pipe kit, our stock fuel pump couldn't keep pace. It's AEM to the rescue.Read More


Toyo And BRAID Keep Our Recce/Rally Car Grounded

Project Gruppe R needs to maintain compliancy over rough surfaces and grip on the tarmac. We turned to BRAID and Toyo For our rolling stock needs.Read More


Building a Beastly Audi Quattro for the Road and Track

With 750 horsepower, KW coilovers, classic styling, four-wheel drive traction, and a lightweight frame thanks to a stringent diet, this classic Audi both turns heads and runs 10s.Read More