More than 500 racers from at least 10 different countries have converged on the Maryland International Raceway for the 21st running of the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals, with 32-car fields on tap in seven different heads-up eliminators. Some of the world’s quickest and fastest import and domestic-powered vehicles will go head-to-head on the 1/4-mile, and not only will they be chasing bragging rights, but with the cool November air there to greet them, world records just might fall, as well.

As always, a huge shout to the team at Fuel Air Spark Technology, whose support of Dragzine makes our coverage at this and every race possible!

The fans are packed and full of Import and Domestic fans and are ready to see some of the quickest cars do battle in the 1/4 mile here at the World Cup!


Mustang Mike Modeste has been battling transmission issues here at the World Cup. Those problems landed him as the last qualifier in Radial vs Modified. First round it looks like he had those problems figured out taking out Carl Brunet to move onto round 2!


Eli Burgos flying the Puerto Rican flag behind his 2009 RX-8. Take a look at all the fans! Everyone is very excited this weekend at the World Cup!


John Balinsky of OAB Racing who does the tuning on Michael Ziccardi’s 1970 Barracuda took the upset win in first round over Michael Decker Jr’s Camaro!


Jason Miller of MBP Productions saluting the racers, spectators, and everyone who has helped out with the running of the 21st World Cup Import vs Domestics at Maryland International Raceway!

In the one of the craziest sequences we have seen this True Street racer went to launch before the tree activated but had it reverse. He was able to re stage then the other driver broke. He then also broke but was able to limp it down the 1/4 here at MDIR and won first round with a 39 second E.T.! In the end he ended up getting DQ'd because he took his helmet off while on the track. CRAZY!


The 39 second winning/dq’d time in True Street!


The World Cup ladies taking a stroll down the track handing out goodies to the fans at the World Cup!


Steve Willingham on a single pass at the World Cup when his competitor Jorge Guzman in the 1972 1200 broke during his burnout.

Super Street, True Street, and All Motor Round 1 Sheets.

X275 vs Hot Rod, Radial vs Modified, and Outlaw vs Extreme Round 1 sheets.


In round 3 of eliminations Rich Bruder the #1 qualifier in X275 vs Hot Rod continued his running towards the top with a 6.86 on his bye run.


Rob Goss in his Hemi powered Challenger continued his bracket like 6.80’s running a 6.87 to move on to the next round.


Aaron Bates in the Dez Racing Mustang continued the dominance of the domestics this past round.


Adam Ardnt in the Procharged Mustang has been running consistent all weekend and just like his other passes he ran in the mid 7’s to move on!


Eric Kenward in the Wheelie Wagon turbo Malibu has been on a tear in Street Fighter running a string of mid 7’s in Street Fighter.


Carlos Sobrino’s checkered Mustang sure is something different but in the end he continues running towards the top and moved on in the All Motor class with a 9.64 .


James Kempf traveled across the country from Tacoma Washington with his 92 Civic to run in the Street Fighter class and has been running strong all weekend. He qualified with a 7.81 at a whopping 198.41.


Mustang Mike has definitely figured out the transmission problem but as you can see from the previous round and now this round running in the 6.5’s. It looks like his door needed a little TLC to keep running after his first round win.

Kevin Fiscus is a bad man in the Proline powered FKR Mustang with yet another 5 second run and another high 240+ MPH pass!

Rob Goss continues to be one of the most consistent cars on the grounds with a 6.80 bracket car as he moves on to the semi finals!

Two longtime NMRA racers Carlos Sobrino and Teddy Weaver are racing All Motor here at the World Cup and will now meet in the finals!


Eric Kenward treed Aaron Bates with an .022 light to Bates .456 in Street Fighter running a 7.521 to Bates 7.389. What a holeshot!

The ladies of the World Cup and Jason Miller giving away a Precision Turbo swag pack that also includes tickets to the 2017 World Cup! What a lucky winner!

The ladies of the World Cup and Jason Miller giving away a Precision Turbo swag pack that also includes tickets to the 2017 World Cup! What a lucky winner!

Here are your winners at the 21st Annual World Cup Import vs Domestics at Maryland International Raceway. Outlaw vs Extreme Winner Kevin Fiscus, Radial vs Modified Winner Mustang Mike Modeste, and X275 vs Hot Rod Winner Rob Goss.

Here are the winners Carlos Sobrino in all Motor, Eric Kenward in Street Fighter, John Staats in Super Street. and Neil Owens in True Street.

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