For the crew at Revved our March Babe of the Month is a big deal. Why? Well, it is simply because Hayle Cayaga is our very first Babe of The Month! This lovely bombshell you see before you goes beyond unique and beautiful, she is really into style. It wasn’t too challenging getting this shoot scheduled, considering Hayle is always down to have fun, spontaneous fun, and we have a stout Toyota Supra that is executed as beautifully as she is. Her initial reaction of excitement and positive energy told us we were on the right track. Although she is not into cars, she admires the beauty expressed in that form of art. Who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful Filipina babe that’s into turbo-spooling sounds and flashy blue paint with contrasting red Volk TE37 wheels?

John Marinas’ Toyota Supra

Quick Mod List: HKS T51R turbo kit; HKS fuel rails; HKS injectors; HKS intake; HKS wastegate; HKS triple-disk clutch; HKS 272 cams; HKS cam gears; Sard fuel pump; Aerodyne radiator; Kaaz 1.5-way limited-slip differential; Apex’i exhaust system; GReddy 4-row intercooler; GReddy racing blow-off valve; GRddy oil cooler; ’97 headlights; Varis front bumper; Varis rear bumper; Top Secret side skirts; Recaro SRD racing seats; Key’s Racing Alcantara steering wheel; carbon fiber dash kit; Tein HA coilover system; GReddy turbo timer; Blitz boost controller; HKS VPC; Blitz gauges; ’97 taillights; Volk Racing TE37

The Supra is a pillar of the sport compact scene; since well before the first Fast and Furious movie, to today’s four-digit horsepower Supras as seen on 1320 Videos’ YouTube channel and beyond, the MkIV Supra has been considered the preeminient hot-rod of Japan. This particular one is not one, not two, but one of three of John Marinas’ Toyota Supras. We’re not wondering why Marinas has multiple Supras; we’re just totally jealous. It goes without saying that Marinas knows his stuff when it comes to the 2JZ motor and the Supra in general. He’s at the point where he really builds the next car to have a fun, fully built Supra as a driver. If it get’s too serious, no worries he’s on to the next… that’s our kind of addiction. 

Now that is a nice and clean interior; not too much going on here - just simple and clean.

The Supra is a versatile platform that can be built for drag racing, drifting, ruling the street, road racing, and even model shoots. This Supra JZA80 is a top shelf build with its classic HKS T51 single turbo kit, super clean engine bay, modern paint scheme, and well-chosen contrasting red Volk Racing TE37s. We are still a touch surprised that Marinas did not hesitate when it came to letting us feature it with our very first Babe of the Month. Marinas’ Supra and Hayle are certainly an eyeful.

A Little Bit About Miss Hayle Cayaga

Not only does Hayle approach situations in a positive attitude in her professional hours but even in her personal endeavors she proves to be entertaining. When she is not modeling, she is at Orange Coast College obtaining her communications degree and also pays her own bills as a Social Media Marketing Strategist at The Grid News Network.

Yeah, she is always on the rev limiter but she still makes time for fun, food, and music adventures! Here are some of her specs followed by our fun, interesting Q&A session. 

Her Basic Information:

Name: Hayle Cayaga

Occupation: Social Media Marketing Strategist; Receptionist; Food Enthusiast; Adventurist; Model; Student

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Filipino; Chinese

Tattoos: 2

Measurements: 33-26-38

Shoe Size: 8

Questions & Answers:

Revved: What was your first car, and what do you currently own and what have you done to it?

Hayle: My first car was a 1999 Nissan Sentra. Now I own a black 2011 Toyota Camry SE, also known as the “Camborghini”. I haven’t really done much to it, I just slammed it.

Revved: What is your dream car?

Hayle: A white Lamborghini Aventador has always seemed like a nice fit.

Revved: People normally have dream cars that aren’t practical when compared to their bank account like that white Lambo. What project car do you see yourself actually taking. What would you do to it?

Hayle: My next car purchase would probably be a Honda S2000, just because it’s a fun-sized roadster. In that case, it only comes in 6-speed manual and rear-wheel-drive. I would most likely just keep it simple by lowering it and mounting on some cool wheels. I’d like it to just be clean and simple.

When you’re out working at an automotive event, what kind of car catches your eye?

Hayle: Cars with widebody kits and the ones that have crazy camber are the kind of cars that get my attention at events and on the road.

Revved: What’s more important, riding fast or cruising low?

Hayle: Umm…that’s a hard one because being low is aesthetically pleasing to me, but fast is definitely more convenient when trying to get from A to B. 

Revved: Would you ever consider modeling full-time?

Hayle: Possibly when I’m finished with school, and if it can pay for more than just my bills, then sure, I would definitely consider doing it full-time.

Revved: What is your favorite thing about modeling?

Hayle: My favorite part about modeling is being in the moment; connecting with the camera gives a whole different feeling.

Revved: Outline your past portfolio of modeling work?

Hayle: I have modeled for publications such as: Steezy, Front Mag, Ettika, Super Street, Royal Origin, USDM Mag, Illest, Vossen Wheels, and Complex Magazine.

Revved: What do you have to say to your fellow women that want to get into modeling, but aren’t sure how to take the first step?

Hayle: Networking is key! Meet various photographers and practice shooting with them. Throughout my modeling career, I have learned that every photographer executes unique styles. The more styles you play with the better and you find out what poses look good and whatnot in the long run. Think outside the box!

Revved: What is a typical weekend like for you?

Hayle: Traveling to different cities and always looking for somewhere new to explore would be my typical weekend. I could be spontaneously in San Francisco one day and San Diego the next.

Revved: What’s your favorite food(s)?

Hayle: I’m a big foodie, so I eat everything except for pork. The way to my heart has always been Thai food though, for sure!

What’s your favorite beverage(s)?

Hayle: I’m very “plane-jane” when it comes to beverages. I mainly just drink plenty of water, but if I really had to choose, I would have to go with the tropical drinks.

Revved: Let’s talk about movies. What is your favorite genre, what would your favorite be, and what movie stood out to you the most?

Hayle: My favorite movie genre is comedy and romance because I love to laugh and I’m such a simp – so chick flicks would probably be it. As of a favorite movie, that’s pretty hard. I have a few to mention off the top of my head: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 50 First Dates, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. 

Revved: What would you never eat unless someone gave you $1Billion?

Hayle: That’s a hard question. I would probably eat a worm for a million dollars, but let’s not think about that right now.

Revved: Where is your dream travel destination?

Hayle: My dream destination, like a vacation? Don’t get me started! I have more than just one: Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands, Australia, and Europe are the chart toppers. It’s all about the atmosphere of being in tropical climates with clear water, warm weather, and minimal clothing sounds heavenly to me. For Europe and Australia, I think it would be cool to come back to the States with some kind of crazy accent.

Revved: What are your pet peeves with guys? What are your pet peeves with gals? What are your pet peeves in general?

Hayle: My pet peeves with guys is when they don’t know how to text and communicate properly, also their inability to keep a conversation going. My pet peeves with gals, well, I don’t really have any; I don’t let girls bug me too much. My pet peeve in general is the incorrect use of they’re, there, and their. That will, forever, bug me.

Revved: What do you look for in a guy?

Hayle: A guy with a nice smile who knows how to communicate, very funny, respectful, well-mannered, ambitious, family orientated, and absolutely has to know how to eat and going on spontaneous adventures.

A zombie-apocalypse just happened. Give us a step-by-step of what you do:

Hayle: I would quickly grab my phone, phone charger, backpack, machete, AK47, some ammunition, my oatmeal, and my Voss water. Then I would steal hella food from the grocery store. After that, look for a boat and sail out into the ocean.

Revved: What do you think about the Supra that you shot with?

Hayle: The car that I shot with is nice! John absolutely did a great job on it. It’s definitely better than the shoe. I really like the patriotic theme and the jet-like sounds it makes when it accelerates.

Revved: What’s one thing that most don’t know about you?

Hayle: I can do the thumbs up with my toes

Revved: Are there any individuals that you’d like to thank?

Hayle: I’d like to thank Celso Nimo and the rest of the Royal Origin family, and everyone else I’ve met in the automotive industry…y’all are bae AF!

We absolutely had an amazing shoot with Hayle. The location, the car, the model; it all felt like a mirage. Would you like to see what she’s up to? Click the link below to follow her on your favorite social network:

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“Beauty doesn’t necessarily have to be just the physical traits,” Hayle says. “Having a beautiful mind is the meat and potatoes to beauty. It’s having certain qualities like being able to be the best person you can be by being proud of what you are and what you look like. Being okay with what you have and using those qualities to help other people is what defines beauty.”

We hope you enjoyed the video and photos as much as we did. Be sure to stay tuned for our next Babe of the Month! It might just be a close friend of Hayle’s – you don’t want to miss out on that!