Moroso Performance Products has long been the go-to choice for many of our in-house project vehicles’ lubrication and cooling-related parts; including fabricated race oil pans, water pumps, and oil accumulators. So it’s only natural that we would be sure to pay them a visit at their booth during the 2016 SEMA Show. While there, Jim Bianca, of Moroso, gave us a thorough walkthrough of the company’s exciting new products for both racers and street beasts.

Similar to the one that was recently installed on our in-house time attack Evo X, the first new product Bianca introduced us to was the fabricated aluminum road race baffled oil pan for the X’s predecessors; the Mitsubishi Evo VII, VIII, & IX [20967].

“This pan features a 0.375-inch thick billet aluminum oil pan rail with a fabricated sump that is 0.75-inches deeper than the factory oil pan, giving it an additional 1.5 quarts of oil capacity (6.5 quarts total),” explains Bianca. “It also comes with a heavy-duty bolt-on oil pump pickup and removable windage tray and crank scraper to free up horsepower and help keep oil temps down. The track tested trap door assembly and anti-slosh baffling prevents the oil from escaping the oil pump pickup area and causing oil starvation related engine failures during road racing events and drag race passes.”

Aluminum road race baffled oil pan and oil pump pickup for the Mitsubishi Evo VII, VIII & IX [20967].

For the GM LT-swap crowd, Bianca was quick to show us Moroso’s first-to-market Gen V rear sump street/strip aluminum oil pan [20155].

“A lot of R&D went into the design of this pan. Because the oil pump pickup is built into the stock LT pan, the O-ringed billet pan rail on this unit features a removable pickup, billet front end cap, and a 22 mm side oil filter adapter mounting location,” states Bianca. “This pan also has an integrated trap door baffle and removable windage tray that wraps around the oil pump pickup for increased oil control and anti-sloshing.”

GM LT-series (Gen V small-block) rear sump aluminum oil pan for street/strip [20155].

Moroso even has a new pan for those of you who want to “LS swap the world.” Check out the GM LS-series swap rear sump street/strip aluminum oil pan [20150], for those conversions that require a narrower rear sump for improved header clearance.

“This LS-series pan has a laser cut zinc-plated steel rail, a heavy-duty fabricated steel sump, and clears most steel rods with up to a 4.25-inch stroke.” Bianca points out, “Using a steel design instead of aluminum gives this pan added strength for the addition of customized fittings without warping. The sump features an anti-climb baffle to keep oil around the pickup, and even accepts the stock dipstick.”

GM LS-series rear sump aluminum oil pan for street/strip [20150].

Last on our Moroso booth tour was the R35 Nissan GT-R aluminum coolant expansion tank [63811].

“This fabricated aluminum coolant tank is a drop-in replacement for the stock plastic unit, which has a tendency to become discolored, warp, and eventually crack when exposed to the heat and high boost modified GT-R’s are famous for producing,” says Bianca. “The tank itself has a 50 percent greater fluid capacity, and the billet fill neck is compatible with the factory cap for a simple swap.”

Moroso’s coolant expansion tank for the Nissan R35 GT-R [63811].

Moroso’s new product lineup continues the company’s tradition of producing high-quality bolt-on components and fabricated parts to suit the needs of any racer or street cruiser from any market.