There have been many rumors circulating the web about the upcoming RX-9. Will it be released in 2020? Rotary-powered? Two-seater?… We have updates on what might come of the Mazda RX-9, and we’re pretty excited about them.

As we all know, the rotary engine has always been controversial– it seems people either completely love it or completely hate it. Sadly, they have been declining in popularity, probably thanks to their less than average fuel economy. But in our eyes, the RX-9 is one of those cars that if you are worried about gas mileage, frankly, you don’t deserve to own one. Sorry not sorry. But you eco-freaks may still be in luck, as Car and Driver claims Mazda has stepped up their fuel economy game in order to address this “pressing” issue.

In our opinion, it's rare for a car to look better than its renders...

Mazda filed a patent for a new rotary engine last year and it has also been confirmed that 50 (yes, 50) engineers have been hard at work for 8 years (yes, 8) developing an all-new “16X” two-rotor engine. It is said to have direct fuel injection, a turbocharger, and 20+ percent greater displacement when compared to that of the RX-8. This will put the RX-9 over the 400 horsepower mark and, as with most RXs, we expect the weight and weight distribution to be on point.

Peep that steering wheel.

Lets not forget the look of the thing– we absolutely love it. It even seems Mazda may have took some inspiration from Alfa and we’re sure glad they did. It definitely is a huge step-up from the 8 looks-wise, if nothing else. Judging from the photos, the interior looks just as awesome as the exterior and seems it actually is only going to be housing two seats. Again, not something that is an issue for us, as this is a sports car.

So, with a larger rotary engine, 400+ horsepower, great handling, and great looks, the RX-9 is sure to be a showstopper. It’s said to be priced somewhere around 50k, but, if all goes as planned, it will be able compete with some of the bigger dogs like the Alfa Romeo 4C, Corvette, Jaguar F-Type, and Cayman. But don’t get too excited just yet– we still have a while to wait for this bad boy, as its more than likely going to be released mid-2019.