Boba FettEric Plebani, one of our sources for an upcoming suspension article, made the mistake of showing us his geeky side… now we’re showing you. Better yet we’ll let him do all the work, take it away Eric, “I’ll sum this up as quickly as I can. I admit that I am a complete Star Wars nerd, the movies practically raised me. I’d watch them almost every day after school as a kid. I don’t know if I was more fixated on the special effects or just how they came up with all the models, spaceships, outfits etc… In any event I was fascinated. The Bad Guys had the best uniforms. I was Darth Vader and Boba Fett so many times for Halloween as a kid that I can barely remember the count. Now with that being said the rough, tough, and venerable Boba Fett was always my favorite character… I mean the guy has a jet pack and a missile on his back. It resembled who I am. Rough, tough, mysterious, and someone who gets the job done while not looking pretty doing it.

Boba Fett WeldingI have a good-sized collection of Star Wars memorabilia, but always wanted to build a killer Boba Fett welding lid. So that’s what I did, I modified a wearable helmet into my welding lid for my daily grind at the shop, it was purely for my own satisfaction of having unique items no one else has. I guess you could say it was well received. I’ve gotten so much feedback and offers on the helmet I don’t want to use it anymore for fear of damaging it! It may just graduate to a glass case with my other memorabilia.”

Well done Eric, but if you make a suit of Mandalorian armor expect an intervention.