Building a time attack car is a long and bumpy road, with lots of frustration and late nights in the garage. Sasha Anis of OnPoint Dyno just outside of Toronto, Canada, is no stranger to these conditions. Sasha has been building his Nissan 350Z time attack car, nicknamed “Kelsey”, since 2008; slowly improving the car piece by piece and watching the seconds drop off of his lap time. The next step for Sasha is to help his VQ35HR breathe easier by taking full advantage of the custom long tube headers and massive 3.5 inch exhaust he has already been using, and adding bigger throttle bodies.

After a long winter, Speed Academy found Kelsey back on the dyno with a new sequential gearbox and ready to test out some bigger 57 mm independent throttle bodies (ITB) with custom velocity stacks and carbon fiber air boxes that Sasha made in-house. Previously, the 350Z made 420 horsepower using 53 mm ITB’s and Sasha is hoping the extra 4 mm will help pick up more power out of this naturally aspirated VQ35HR.

The motor itself is probably the simplest part of this build. The only aftermarket parts on the motor are custom spec JE pistons, custom grind cams and valve springs by Jim Wolf Technology. Sasha chose to increase the displacement from 3.5L to 3.7L by using an OE VQ37 crankshaft and VQ35 connecting rods with stock cylinder heads to cap it off.

The electronics inside Kelsey were also simplified by using a Motec PDM15. This power distribution module controls all of the switch powered electronics in the car, allowing Sasha to eliminate a lot of fuses, relays and messy wiring. This 15 output PDM removes all of the cluttered dash switches and replaces them with a much more simple and clean keypad.

In the end, the 57 mm ITB’s brought Kelsey’s power down 50 horsepower, bringing the VQ35’s peak power to 370 horsepower. Sasha believes there isn’t enough air flowing through the stock head and that some head work and a new header design is in order. If power is still down after that, Sasha will try smaller throttle bodies.

We’ll be on the lookout for updates on Sasch’s build. In the mean time, watch Sasha testing out Kelsey’s new setup at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport):