Middle East mega-team EKanoo Racing has reset the world record for an import-powered, import-bodied vehicle today (or last night rather, taking into account the time difference), going 6.05-seconds at a staggering 240.8 miles per hour with their Outlaw Toyota Supra.

The EKanoo Racing Supra, a many-time record holder since its debut a couple of years ago, was built by Titan Motorsports in Florida, with a turbocharged, Titan-built Toyota 2JZ powerplant under the hood. The car features an all-steel firewall, roof, quarter panels, and a 3/4 chassis underneath, running on 33×10.5W slicks. World renowned tuner Shane Tecklenburg, along with Eric Luzinski, Josh Ledford, and Haider Mohd all help put the car down the race track and into the record books.


Noted American driver Gary White, who wheeled Titan’s record-breaking imports for a number of years in various organizations and has since been piloting the Ebrahim Kanoo-owned Supra abroad, drove the car to the new world record pass at the Bahrain International Circuit On Wednesday evening, eclipsing the 6.12-second standard set by Australian Rod Harvey in his 2JZ-powered Celica in Brisbane in late August.

On the record run, White went 1.02 to sixty feet, 4.00 at 188 to half track, and 5.11 to 1,000 feet, with an official quarter-mile clocking of 6.054-seconds at 387.69 kilometers per. And with that, just over five hundredths of a second stand between the world’s top import racers and the magical five-second zone — likely the last great barrier remaining for the small-cube segment of the sport.