Last time we covered the latest rumors regarding the Mazda RX-9, we thought two things; for one, it was going to be a two-seater and, two, if it wasn’t going to be rotary-powered, we sure wished it were.

Everyone knows the rotary engine is extremely controversial– people either love it or hate it– and, let’s face it, they’ve been declining in popularity. But, to us, they’re part of what makes Mazda… well, Mazda. 

Photo: Motoring.com

The company agrees, claiming they will continue to develop “their trademark” that is the rotary engine. Rumors fled the internet after a patent was filed for a new engine last year, with some claiming a turbocharged two-rotor was in the works. Since then, we’ve been living through internet rumors and vague comments from Mazda executives.

But now, in their latest issue of Zoom Zoom magazine, the brand has given us the first real hint. It read, “In recent times, the rotary engine’s chief bugbear was its relatively poor fuel economy and higher level of emissions… But when its potential benefits are so striking — light, compact, smooth, quiet, free-revving — surely there is still a future for the rotary engine?”

It continued with, “There are other future possibilities. Rotary engines can run superbly on hydrogen, the universe’s most abundant element. It’s also very clean; combusting hydrogen produces only water vapour.”

The magazine mentioned the RX-Vision concept car and stated, “Regardless of the technical direction the rotary takes in the future, one thing is more than likely: it will be a thing of beauty.”

We’re not going to get too excited just yet, but do you really think Mazda would suggest a hydrogen-fueled rotary being the perfect fit for a modern sports car if they had no plans to make one? We think not.