New from AEM – the AEMnet Extension Cables for a wide variety of AEM products. These cables help users with trouble-free installations to mount devices almost anywhere in their vehicle. See more details below.

Official Release:

AEM has released three sizes of AEMnet extension cables, which provide AEMnet-equipped product users with the extra length necessary to make a trouble-free connection when the supplied AEMnet cable will not reach.

  • PN 30-3606 – 2′ AEMnet Extension Cable
  • PN 30-3607 – 5′ AEMnet Extension Cable
  • PN 30-3608 – 10′ AEMnet Extensin Cable

The following devices are equipped with AEMnet CAN bus communications. These cables allow you to mount them virtually anywhere on your vehicle and still have enough room to connect them to an Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS, AQ-1 Data logger or X-Series Gauge.

  • Infinity ECU
  • Series 2 EMS
  • EMS-4
  • AQ-1 Data Loggers
  • X-Series Pressure, Temp, AEMnet & GPS Speedo Gauges
  • Wideband Failsafe Gauges including Flex Fuel
  • 4-Channel Wideband UEGO AFR Controller
  • Vehicle Dynamics Module


  • Extra length necessary to make a trouble-free connection
  • Allows you to mount AEM products virtually anywhere
  • Available in 2′, 5′, and 10′ lengths