With some of the most sought after Nissan cars now approaching “old” what are owners supposed to do when something breaks? Or, perhaps you’ve been contemplating picking up an old Skyline, but afraid that you’ll be nickel and dimed to death (hint, it’s a lot more than nickels and dimes…) when you need replacement parts.


Well, Nissan is about to start production again to make factory parts for a whole bunch of their classic cars to keep these beauties on the road and functioning. Part of the company’s high performance motorsport Division is kicking this off, and they will be making these factory replacement part gems for the R32 Skyline GT-R, and expand later to other vehicles.


A large problem for owners and potential new owners of these older Nismo performance cars is finding parts to swap out with damaged or worn down items. Unfortunately, as time goes on more things break, and the possibility of having sub par parts and fixes can ultimately cause more damage and further issues trying to “make do.” This is Nissan’s way of keeping these on the road, and looking great while doing so.


Hopefully we see this program really take off, and allow for the expansion of part production for other classics as well. It’s expected that we will see R33 and R34 parts shortly after, along with other vehicles if the demand is there. Part production from Nismo will start in September or October, with R32 parts coming off the line first. If you’re looking to buy one of these older classics, it might already be too late–prices could be on the way up now that parts from Nissan will make restoration and upkeep a little easier.