The Smoking Tire has presented us with another “one take” video and this time it features owner Joe and his modified Mazda FD RX7. Joe is no stranger to Matt Farah and the show as he has been featured on their other channel, Tuned, where his car went head to head with an LS swapped RX7. Now Joe and his turbo’d rotary are back, with a few revisions.


New for this round is a different manifold and wastegate. Last time, Joe had an external atmospheric wastegate and dump tube which resulted in a VERY LOUD car and one you couldn’t drive without attracting the wrong kind of attention. Also new are Ohlins DFV coilovers to keep the RX7 planted on the road and provide a comfortable ride whether he’s on the street or track. To keep occupants planted while cornering, Recaro seats in black have been selected to keep the interior simple and clean. Although this FD RX7 hasn’t been on the dyno, the owner estimates it has over 420hp. Matt quickly followed up with, “I know this car is fast, I’ve driven this car–it’s fast.” Good enough for us I suppose.


After a quick walk around of the car, Farah and the owner pull off the dirt and start carving through the canyons. Right off the bat, Farah repeatedly mentions how much better the car sounds, with the new wastegate and manifold setup. He is also very quick to point out how the car feels very light on its feet making for driving delight when it comes to steering and road feel. Joe mentions that he tries to dial in the suspension perfectly depending on what road he’s going to. “Whatever track I’m going to, or whatever road I’m driving on, I try and guesstimate how the road is and I tweak the suspension. It’s really easy on this car.”


Toward the end of the video, Farah asks, “and still on e85, right?” to which Joe is quick to respond with “no, pump gas. I’ve always been on pump gas.” Chuckling, Matt Farah says, “Why did I think  that?…oh yeah because your fuel economy was so horrible.” But no one drives a rotary car for the fuel mileage, so no problems with that. “Its like a really muscular ballerina dancer-it’s got the power, but it just wants to go back and forth.”