Lets face it. When it comes to vast extravagance and overwhelming opulence there is one place on planet Earth that does it better than anyone: Dubai. Yes, the land of abandoned supercars is know for its rich sheiks that drive—and apparently abandon—some of the most expensive cars on the planet. And, as it turns out, it’s also where you’ll find one of the craziest LS swaps we’ve ever seen. We’re not quite sure whether to be surprised or not.

Our good friends over at 1320video regularly make pilgrimages to the land of plenitude in order to check out some of the most amazing exotics on the planet. On their last trip, they discussed how license plates there can cost up to $1 million or more for the right set of characters—apparently the fewer the more prestigious, and expensive.

But what happens when you have a butt load of money and you’ve already bought up all the million-dollar license plates you need and you want something a little different? Well, that’s why shops have sprung up all over Dubai that cater to every desire a gear head could have. From 2,000-horsepower Lamborghinis to lavish Bentleys, anything you want done to a car can happen for the right price.

Quadzilla Nissan Patrol

Astonishingly, it doesn’t even looked that cramped under there with four turbos.

And that’s right where 1320video headed. While perusing some of Dubai’s finest GTRs, the 1320 guys cruised over to a shop call Ben Dalmouk Auto Technology to check out some Nissan Patrols. Now, if you’re American, you’re probably asking yourself what the hell a Nissan Patrol even is. Well, the simple answer is that it is basically a direct competitor to Toyota’s Land Cruiser, only they’re not sold here in the states. They normally come with the 5.7-liter V8 that can be found in the Titan.

The Nissan Patrol is most famous here in the states for racing Richard Hammond in the Porsche 918 in the first season of The Grand Tour. That Patrol basically had the drivetrain out of a Nissan GTR that had been pumped up to make north of 1,000 wheel horsepower. Hammond was astonished when the Nissan absolutely dominated one of the fastest hypercars known to man—and for good reason, it was crazy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 4.46.50 PM

This is what a Nissan Patrol looks like for the uninitiated.

But if a VR36-powered Patrol is good, then an LS-swapped Patrol is better. Which is exactly what 1320video stumbled across in the back of Ben Dalmouk Auto Technology. However, this particular Patrol and LS have been, lets say Bugatti-fied. The LS has been fitted with four turbos and four intercoolers, allowing it to allegedly make more than 3,000 horsepower. Now, we say allegedly because the 1320 guys didn’t have time to hang around to see this thing on the dyno. But rest assured that, judging by the setup, we have no doubts that this thing can do what it claims.

We would love to see this thing in action and 1320video says they’ll be headed back to the shop went they visit Dubai again next year. Hopefully we can see this thing in action, putting super- and hypercars where they belong.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 4.45.07 PM

How much boost? All of it. Allegedly this bad boy makes 3,000 horsepower. We can’t wait to see it on the dyno.