Dynamic Performance has been around for 11 years now, steadily growing their presence in the Honda and Acura aftermarket. Their name first emerged back in 2008 when they were known for running mid 9-second passes with their infamous “stock transmissions.”

The team went on become the first to run an 8-second ET in 2010 (on a 24.5-inch tire), the first to run an 8-second ET with a K-series in 2011, the first SFWD to break the 180 MPH barrier back in in 2012, and then breaking the 190 MPH barrier just this last weekend.

We are proud to say we did it first!” said Paul Protacio of Dynamic Performance. “It’s always been in our genes to push the barriers of this sport and we’ve succeeded once again in 2017 on our very first pass of the season!”


Dynamic Performance owner, Rolando Blanco, piloted the record-breaking Sport Front Wheel Drive EK Drag Civic at the Import Face Off event at Atco Dragway. The pass clocked at 8.4 seconds (a new personal best for Rolando) at 190MPH.

Paul said they owe a lot of thanks to AEM, “We achieved all of our records and wins using an AEM EMS system, from the Series 1 in 2010, the Series 2 we installed in 2012, and now the Infinity ECU, which we started using in 2014.”

Each and every part used on the vehicle is available to everyone, on Dynamic Performance’s online store.

Next, the team is heading to OGS1320 Hday at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey.