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As we all know, the Scion FR-S has fallen back under its original Toyota nameplate, now dubbed the Toyota 86. Rightfully so, after all, it was created to pay tribute to its legendary successor, the AE86 Corolla (in part, at least.) At the time of its name change, it also came with a super slight bump in power and suspension tuning. Now pushing 205 horses, instead of 200. Not much– but I guess we’ll take it.

Obviously then Toyota realized it was time for an upgraded trim level and, bam– here we are today, looking at the new, unimproved, and very orange “Toyota 860 Special Edition.” We kinda dig the color but, sadly, it comes with zero performance upgrades. Just like other “special editions” from the brand, what it does come with is; a unique paint job, color-matched stitching, and a special badge. Whoop-di-do.

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This special edition will come in a limited supply though, with only 860 Supernova Orange and 860 Halo Whites being produced. Of course, the interior will be changed up with some bright orange stitching and a center console placard. These upgrades are accompanied by some upgraded technologic features; push-button start, touch-activated door locks, and the coolest part: a 4.2-inch head unit with a G-force meter, stop watch, horsepower/torque curves, engine coolant measurements, oil temperatures, and MPG.

All this– but when will Toyota give us what we want? More Power!

These Toyota 860 Special Edition’s will hit dealerships later this month. They will be available with either the 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmissions with MSRP ranging from $30,0404 to $30,760.

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