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There’s no denying that the Fast & Furious franchise has unfortunately turned away from its original focus and has pointed towards more explosions, and less badass cars.

But now, the eighth installment is coming out and we can’t help but be somewhat interested in seeing what cars are going to be featured. Luckily, Marty and Moog over at Mighty Car Mods and Dennis McCarthy, a movie car builder, got us a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at a couple of them.

Dennis claims Fate of the Furious has more cars than any of the past movies and his shop has rushed out over 300 of these vehicles in less than 6 months.

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First, he shows off a pretty cool looking Subaru BRZ. It is one of four identical builds, which were made to be used as drift cars– featuring bolt-on widebody flares, a better locking differential, a handbrake, the usual F&F interior setup: a roll cage, bucket seats, and harnesses. He mentions the use of a couple of WRXs for an icy scene, too.

There’s also a badass widebody 1966 Corvette, chosen by Letty’s character in the movie, and a 1951 Chevy Fastback, driven by Dom. The Corvette came to Dennis in pretty rough shape, but after adding power steering, power brakes, a 12″ widebody, a 400hp crate motor, and a couple other upgrades, this thing is looking prime. On the big screen, the Fastback is thrown together by Dom, and looks so.

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Moog and Dennis’ favorite, though, is the ’60s Dodge Charger that is barely even a Charger anymore. This beast is housing a 550 horsepower LS motor, features AWD , and is sitting on a completely custom chassis. We can’t say its our absolute favorite Fast & Furious car, but it’s up there.

Check out these cars for yourself in the video below.