Well fans here in North America, start lining up at your local Honda dealership–the 2017 Honda Civic Type R has finally been released in full production form at the Geneva Car Show. That’s right, the full production ready Honday Civic Type R will soon be on our streets. Based on the 10th Gen Civic, the Type R is the most powerful, quickest, most agile Type R to come from Honda so far. Thanks to a direct injected 2.0-liter 4 cylinder engine, owners will rejoice while rowing through the 6 speed directing 306 hp and 295 lb-ft to the front wheels. A welcome message considering the automatic-only-type-r rumor that popped up a while ago.


Worried about torque steer? It shouldn’t bother you too much, as Honda has completely redesigned the suspension to help limit torque steer while increasing stability and performance while driving at the limit. Also notable is the all new 4 wheel suspension system called Adaptive Damper System (ADS) which enables suspension changes on the fly, while the helical limited slip will help make sure you put the power down when you need it. Drivers will keep everything under control using a leather wrapped steering wheel and an all new adaptive electronic steering system for precision driving.


The Civic Type R will feature three drive modes, Sport, Comfort, and the +R track setting. Each mode will adjust steering speed, throttle response, rev matching, stability control, and damper control. Unique to the car will be a stiffer chassis, aluminum hood, and serialized plaque with mounted inside. Big Brembo brakes are included up front, but they hide inside giant 20″ wheels–we’re skeptical of wheels that big on such a small car, but look forward to performance results. Shockingly the engine will be built here in the US, while the rest of the car will be assembled in the UK. Pricing is expected to be in the mid $30k range, and will hit dealer lots late this Spring. Until then, let the bench racing begin.