Do you give people directions with pace notes? Do you purposely take the back roads on your way into the office? Have you ever thought, “That doesn’t look so hard,” while watching a World Rally Championship stage? Well, you’re in luck, because Toyota TMG has just released the rally-spec GT86 CS-R3.


TMG made no compromise when converting the GT86 into a rally fiend. The CS-R3 features the same 2-liter flat four, boxer engine as the standard GT86,  modified to produce 238 HP and 170 ft-lb of torque, with a new redline of 8,000RPM. The engine is mated to a Drenth six-speed sequential gearbox which feeds into an adjustable limited-slip differential. It sports an upgraded suspension and brake system to ensure that the CS-R3 stays planted and controllable at all times. TMG has also replaced the electric power steering with a more conventional hydraulic steering assembly. As per regulation, all CS-R3s are fitted with a R3 safety cage. With the CS-R3, any consumer would be allowed to compete in the R3 class of the World Rally Championship.

rsz_cs-r3_101214_jb_0113For quite some time now, R3 class rally races have been littered with front wheel drive hot hatches like the Citroën DS3 and Renault Clio due to the class’s lower displacement and weight requirement. However, they lack the flair and flamboyance of their rear wheel drive counterparts. The CS-R3 hearkens back to the days of the Lancia Stradale and Stratos when rear wheel drive still dominated the sport. Time will tell if the CS-R3 becomes a podium regular, but it’s sure to make the WRC just a bit more exciting.