Most all import fans were taking special notice of three specific vehicles at this years TX2K event– three Nissan GT-Rs, to be exact. Some of the quickest ever built gathered at the event, fighting to be the first to dip into the 6-second zone. Prior to the event, all three of the competitors had ran low sevens, but the AMS Alpha G, driven by Gidi Chamdi, ended up taking home the cake.

But– what about the other guys?

One of the competitors, Lucas English in the ETS GT-R, held the title prior to the 6-second break with a 7.01-second pass, and still holds holds the title of the fastest Nissan GTR. He actually even took home a different “world’s fastest” title from the famed event, but in an Mitsubishi Evo X.


In the midst of his fight for a 6-second pass, 1320Video caught up with English Racing, capturing a behind-the-scenes look inside this GT-R pushing upwards of 2,500 horsepower.

In a stock GT-R, you would automatically reach down and put it in “R” mode when stuff starts to get real– Lucas does the same, but instead has a few more steps in order to first deliver a perfect lay-down of rubber. He explains multiple different maps made specifically for burnouts vs. maps geared towards actually driving and racing the car, chosen with certain switches.

A special kill-switch was (not-so) conveniently added above the shifter in case of emergency, “When you’ve got a rod hanging out of your motor and it’s still running, it’s pretty unnerving if you can’t shut the damn thing off,” said Lucas.

Check out the video above to see just how insane it is in the cockpit of this 2500+ horsepower GT-R.