Bobsled racing. Typically seen during the winter Olympics, teams race down bobsled runs filled with ice, sliding, and careful planning to make their way down to be declared fastest. But what if you don’t have a bobsled, and instead you have a Subaru WRX STI; the same one that’s raced in the Isle Of Man back in 2014? Well Mark Higgins and Subaru just so happened to have one, and in the great name of “why not?” decided to send it down a bobsled run. What’s the worst that could happen?


The bobsled run that has been selected for this daring stunt is Saint Moritz Olympia run in the Swiss Alps which is reconstructed every year by the same family as a sort of tradition; although normally they intend its use for bobsleds. Construction for the track begins in December, opens in January, and they wrap up the season by March. Hmm, if they’re going to be finished with the track now, someone must do something to retire it for the year, and we think the STI is a perfect candidate.

Relatively stock, the Subaru STI is fitted with stiffer springs, given reinforcement on the corners, and pucks are bolted onto the corners and substructure to help keep things together. Oh, and it’s got some 135 studded tires to help guide it along the way down. Rally champion Higgins does his best to keep the car pointed in the correct direction, but with repetitive bouncing off the walls leaves us wondering just how much steering input he really had to give. Toward the end it seems as though Higgins might just lose it and roll over, but a lucky bounce off the drivers side A-pillar puts him back on track. Yes, we said the driver side A-pillar (it was really the close to rolling over). The whole video will have you clenching until the end, and we’d love to see an aftermath video of what the destruction looks like. This is one way to get down the mountain, we suppose.