Racers count on the pace car to bring reason to bizarre situations. When things go awry and parts fly it’s the safety car that swoops in to bring order to the chaos. It is safe to say that 99 percent of the time things go off without a hitch, here’s the one percent.

This compilation video features numerous fails of man and machine with safety cars doing what they are not supposed to do…wreak havoc. There are a wide variety of different pace cars, racing series, and even different eras of racing represented in the video.

We all know the job of a pace car. When the yellow flag flies and the track is under caution the pace car enters the track to pick up the leader. Race drivers are not supposed to pass the pace car. In the Indianapolis 500 pace cars have been around since the 1911 race and over time they have had to become faster and better handling because the caution speeds of many race cars is still too fast for a passenger car to pace. This video shows what happens when the speed, driving skills, and common sense of the pace car and/or driver are not in line with track conditions.

Watching train wrecks is an American pastime. For car geeks seeing cars with the potential to be heroic like pace cars fail in the most dramatic ways possible is must-see TV.