YouTube beatbox personality Shawn Lee seems to be a bit handy behind the wheel of a drift car. Taking his father out for a long and laborious Father’s Day prank, Malaysia’s Lee suggests a pleasant afternoon in a new car, supposedly lent from a friend. The A31 Cefiro – something we Americans weren’t fortunate enough to receive – is typically powered by an SR20 motor and is something of a drift staple in Japan.

Being a larger car, many opt to swap in an RB, but Shawn’s borrowed Cefiro seems to have had its stock engine replaced with something that has some low end torque. With a V8 swap, the heavyweight can light its rear tires up with ease – which will come in handy when he comes upon an aggressive driver in a Skyline.


Who would’ve thought a beatboxer could hold his own with a professional drifter?

After getting bullied by a professional drifter behind the wheel of an R32 Skyline, the two partake in a little parking lot competitive drifting. With a surprising amount of car control, Shawn pivots the lengthy Cefiro around in tandem with the R32 to his dad’s horror.

It’s an elaborate prank that some might find cruel to do to a man with a probable heart condition, but it’s worth a laugh and a raised eyebrow. It’s clear that Shawn Lee can beatbox, but who would’ve thought the young musician could drift that well?

It’s certainly more memorable than a trip to the batting cages.