Originally found in the legendary Toyota Supra, the 2JZ-GTE is one of the most famed and sought after Japanese engines. Back in its time, its technological advancements made it an industry-leading power plant– but, to this day, performance enthusiasts are crazy about it solely because of its insane potential for power.

Forrest Wang, Ryan Tuerck, and Ken Gushi are just a few Formula Drifters that still have this monster of an engine swapped in under the hood. This guy had the same idea– swapping one into his very own Hyundai Veloster.

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With plenty of setbacks, father and son Andre and Kim Olsen, built it for 17-year old Andre so that he could compete in the Scandinavian Powerdrift Series, NM Drift Series, and various other European events.

The builders opted for a Tilton clutch and BMW 530d transmission, sending the power to a rear end straight from the Mark IV Supra. Of course, the car was completely stripped down and converted to rear-wheel-drive in the process (which is quite the undertaking).

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Today, it pushes over 650 horses, Andre is out hooning around and competing in the Norwegian drift circuit, and the car holds the title of the first ever 2JZ swapped rear-wheel-drive Hyundai Veloster. Quite the accomplishment.

Anything with a 2JZ is pretty fun, but with that power and the short 104.3″ wheelbase of the Veloster, this thing has to be crazy.

For more videos, photos, and information on the car you can head over to their Facebook Page here (even though most posts are in Norwegian).