The Cold War heats up as angry Ackerman angles reign supreme at an abandoned Russian military installation in Latvia. This video, dubbed Tripped Out Latvia, is that answer to the question, “wanna drift an Iron Curtain missile base?” It all started when Latvian drifter Kristaps Bluss was looking for a way to celebrate his shop’s 10th anniversary. Bluss invited two friends and Donut Media to HGK Motorsports and the rest is on tape.

Tripped Out latvia image

The Adidas track suits add to the Soviet-bloc street cred.

The Russian base is super-isolated with very few roads leading to it… and it’s very abandoned. The friends are Ryan Tuerck and Matt Powers. The other stars of the show are a pair of BMW M3s and a Nissan 350Z, all flexing GM LS V8 power and full drift suspension setups.

This was a guerilla-style shoot as there was no pre-running and very little planning… it was powersliding improvisation and on-the-fly photography at its best. The shoot was conducted over only two days at two locations on the base, so no lollygagging was the rally cry.

Tuerck says the triple tandem drift was the most difficult sequence and that the inconsistency of the un-kept roads made things all the more sketchy. He said he encountered some heavy vegetation and was heading into the forest when his Bimmer found just enough raw pavement to snap back into shape. There are plenty of great shots in the video; in-car, on-car, above car. Lenin makes an appearance, there are some nifty Adidas track suits on camera, and there’s a really cool multiple 360-degree drift at the end that’s must-see.