ugrUnderground Racing (UGR) is notorious for pumping out numerous high horsepower Lamborghini’s, along with other exotic’s. Its mark on the supercar world is evident; go to any 1/2-mile or standing-mile race and you’re sure to run into at least one owner of a UGR-modified ride.

In this video, we see one of UGR’s test mules, an 1,800 horsepower Lamborghini Huracán thundering down the 1/4-mile! This highly-modified vehicle received a Stage 2 Race version Twin Turbo System offered by UGR, along with a total engine overhaul to support this ungodly amount of power.

After running an impressive 8.55 a week before, this Lamborghini required an upgraded clutch in order to plant the power to the racing surface. After a Dodson Clutch was installed, UGR was confident enough to up the power, switching the car over from a Race version Twin Turbo System to the upgraded Stage 2 Race version, raising the output of the car from 1,250 to out approximately 1,800 horsepower.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.06.10 AMWith the added horsepower of the 2R and the addition of a set of 19-inch Nitto drag radials, this beast was track ready. A few dialed-in passes at Rockingham Dragway, and the Huracán took advantage of the larger Precision Turbos. All the recorded data pointed to a record-breaking pass, and finally everything fell into place.

This Lambo managed to power down the 1/4-mile strip, resulting in an impressive 5.19 at the 1/8-mile at 144.6 mph, and was the first Lamborghini to break into the sevens! As this red terror crossed the finish line, a 7.80 flickered to life on the scoreboard to solidify that this Huracán will go down in history as the undisputed 1/4-mile barrier-breaker.