Warped Perception is a Chicago-area video production company still in its infancy (roughly one year) that specializes in altering the way we view the world around us. Using high-speed Hollywood-grade equipment, Warped shows its viewers the complexities and environmental reactions of even the simplest objects in our surroundings that would otherwise go unseen by the naked eye.

In the video above, Warped Perception’s Matt Mikka did something unique for the automotive community and created a see-through cylinder head for a Briggs and Stratton L-head engine with the help of his two-year-old daughter. Mikka then set up his $110,000 Phantom Flex4K camera to capture the combustion process in 4K resolution at 1,000 frames per second and his $150,000 Phantom V2512 high-speed camera for standard high definition at 4,000 frames per second.

Matt Mikka of Warped Perception securing the see-through cylinder head to the Briggs and Stratton L-head engine.

Mikka tries running the wasted spark ignition engine on different fuels like gasoline, isopropyl alcohol, and even acetylene as an additive – and as a result you can see how the engine responds when misfiring and exposed to fuel wash. Something any gearhead can appreciate.

Warped Perceptions’ use of high-end video equipment gives the world a fresh perspective on something many tend to take for granted as just background noise in their daily lives. As of writing this article, the video has already racked up 2,058,389 views in just eight days, easily dwarfing other viral Warped Perception videos from months past.

This unusual view of the four stroke cycle has grabbed the interest of even those outside of automotive/engineering circles and has quickly gone viral.